Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dramatic, raunchy and sensual, Carolina Ballet is staging Lynne Taylor-Corbett's adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic struggle between good and evil, "Dracula", from October 14-31 at the Fletcher Opera Theatre in Raleigh.
Marcelo Martinez as Count Dracula and Lilyan Vigo as Lucy

This wonderful presentation includes a live orchestra conducted by Alfred Sturgis using original score by local composer Mark Scearce and narration by Tony Award nominee Alan Campbell who plays the role of Dr Steward. Not an easy dress rehearsal to shoot (you know what black on black looks like!), so a lot of high ISO shots pushing the limits of Olympus SLR's (thank goodness for Noise Ninja software!). Despite the low light for good photography, I must congratulate Ross Kolman on his excellent lighting design using dramatic lighting and video effects. Here's some shots to whet your appetite and do make the time to take in a performance, you will enjoy it!

Alan Campell (as Dr Steward), Marin Boieru (as Dr Van Helsing) and Margaret Severin-Hansen (as Mina Harker) discuss the news as the murders unfold

One of the raunchy bits where the Twisted Sisters (played by Randi Osetek, Alicia Fabry & Ashley Hathaway) have their way with Jonathan Harker (played by Gabor Kapin)

Time for a steak (or is it a stake?). Jonathan, Van Helsing, Arthur & Dr Steward (played by Gabor Kapin, Marin Boieru, Attila Bongar & Alan Campbell respectively) decide who's going to put Lucy (played by Lilyan Vigo) to rest

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