Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yesterday afternoon was the dress rehearsal for Carolina Ballet's presentation of the classic fairytale 'Pinocchio' choreographed by Bruce Wells of Pacific Northwest Ballet. The ballet runs at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium from 24 November - 28 November. Here's a sneak preview from the photographs I shot for Carolina Ballet.
Pinocchio (played by Margaret Severin-Hanson) takes to the air as he (she) dances with the puppets

The Cricket (played by Gabor Kapin) advises Pinocchio to heed his father's advice,
but he knows best, after all he is made of wood!

My, how that nose has grown! The Blue Fairy (Randy Osetek) can fix it,
but he first has to rescue his father Gepetto who's travelled across the ocean
in search of Pinocchio
And here is Gepetto (Marin Boieru) out in the ocean.
He's looking really worried - is it because of his missing Pinocchio,
or because he knows that funky boat really isn't sea-worthy?

The undersea adventure includes dazzling dancing from Neptune (Marcelo Martinez)
and The Pearl (Jan Burkhard)

All's well that ends well after the Blue Fairy tranforms
the repenting puppet into a real boy (Chandler Proctor)

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